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 Hassle-free Snow Removal and Sanding in Thompson, MB

Reduce the risk of getting your vehicle stuck in the snow or slipping on your ice-covered property! We will clear the snow so that you can get into your parking lot with ease. Then, we will sand the ice to help minimize the risk of slips and falls that could potentially result in injuries.

Settarc Welding serves clients in Thompson, Manitoba. Call us today to get on the list for snow removal and sanding!

Why Hire Us for Snow Removal?

Is your parking lot, pavement or a road covered by a white blanket of snow? Although the site is beautiful, it can cause a whole lot of inconvenience to common people and property owners. We’ve been providing reliable snow removal for many years. Our team is well prepared and can clear the snow off your property with the help of our equipment.

Sites may be covered with ice after the snow removal process is done. To avoid slips and falls that may result in injury, we can sand the area immediately to ensure everyone’s safety.

Let Us Clear Your Way

Avoid getting stuck or slipping in your parking lot. We’ll clear the snow and pave your way!

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