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 Look to Settarc as Your General Contractor in Northern Manitoba

We serve residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Our expert crew will work around your schedule and to your unique specifications. We are committed to safety and proud to service Northern Manitoba communities. Settarc offers solid craftsmanship and professional services in:

Framing and steel building erection: Structures and frames are the base of erecting a steel building properly. Fortunately, our industry experience has taught us the nitty-gritty of quality steel framing.

Demolition: Demolition projects are very sensitive and require extra safety measures to be taken. As your general contractors, we are always ready to come to your rescue in case of a demolition project.

Concrete and finishing work: Our team undertakes complete concrete and finishing work effectively. We can also help you ensure that the right finishing procedures are followed.

Tube and clamp scaffolding: Improper scaffolding can result in a loss of time and money. More importantly, it is vital to ensure the safety of everyone present on site.

Asbestos removal: Safe asbestos removal requires well-trained professionals following a specific procedure. Let us help you remove the asbestos for your next construction project.

Steel buildings: Handling steel projects is our specialty. We pride ourselves on working with steel buildings and structures to ensure customer and construction satisfaction.

We Ensure Great Construction!

Settarc Welding takes on each project as its own and ensures that high-quality standards are met consistently.

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