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 Cost-effective Machining Services with Advanced Precision in Thompson, MB

As the only machining service in the Thompson area, Settarc Machine Shop works for absolute customer satisfaction in Northern Manitoba. We are safe, efficient, and cost-effective. Our machine shop regularly produces quality machined parts and assemblies to suit your requirements. We can meet your exact specifications with our highly resourceful and up-to-date equipment that is maintained and operated by trusted machinists. 


Give us a call, and let's discuss your upcoming project.

Machining Services 

Take a look at our full spectrum of services offered:

General machining: Bring all your general machining requirements to us, and we’ll cut, bend, or mould any metal as per your demands.

Lathe work: Our well-maintained lathe machines are operated by trained professionals and can shape your project in any possible way you want.

Milling machines: We have experience in milling projects and can easily drill, bore, and cut through many materials.

Drilling: From basic to advanced drilling projects, our professionals can safely take on all projects.

Hydraulic cylinder repairing, rebuilding and resealing: We’ve got the right experience and tools to repair your hydraulic cylinder.

Portable bore repairing: It is an on-site machining task to repair bores that are broken or of irregular shape. Our team can undertake efficient portable bore repairing.

Precision machining and refacing: Let our team handle precision machining, an important process to remove any excess material in order to create the desired finished product.

Mobile service: Whenever and wherever you need it, we will come to you to get the job done.

Try Our Accurate Machining

Our advanced machines can effectively repair, rebuild and manufacture on your demand.

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